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       Internet-Powered Home Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Homewatch Networks be used without a PC?
A. Yes. The Homewatch Networks smart sensor plugs into any home network connection.

Q. Can I see Homewatch Networks information about my home on a BlackBerry or iPhone? 
A. Yes, Homewatch Networks graphs and climate status for your home are viewable on any browser-ready device.

Q. Does the Homewatch Networks smart sensor require any special expertise to install?
A. No. The smart sensor is designed to be connected with no technical experience.

Q. What kind of Internet service do I need in my home?
A. Any broadband (always on) network service except dial up that you normally connect your PC to when you read email or use the Internet.

Q. What are some examples of Internet services that Homewatch Networks is compatible with?
A. All broadband (Always on) Internet services are suitable: DSL, cable modem, satellite Internet broadband, fiber optics like FIOS and others.

Q. How much Internet network capacity will the Homewatch Networks smart sensor use? Will it impact other uses of the Internet in my home?
A. The Homewatch Networks smart sensor sends a small message (every few minutes) with climate data from your home to your personal web account. No other uses of the Internet in your home will be slowed in any noticeable way.

Q. I use Wi-Fi (wireless) on my laptop at home. Does the Homewatch Networks smart sensor work with Wi-Fi (wireless) homenetworks?
A. Not directly, the smart sensor connects to your home's Internet service with an Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi (wireless) home routers will have spare Ethernet connections that the smart sensor can use. Please refer to the Networking Tips on the Support page for more details.

Q. Is Homewatch just usable to help prevent mold?
A. No. Homewatch can also be used in ski houses, basements, or any other situation where pipes could freeze or moisture could accumulate unnoticed.

Q. Can I move the Homewatch Networks smart sensor to another location?
A. Yes. As long as that location has a network connection and Internet service. The smart sensor will send interior climate results to your personal web account no matter where it is located.

Q. Can I use this service outside the United States?
A. The Homewatch Networks smart sensor and subscription service are intended and provide warranty for use only within the USA and Canada at this time. We take regulatory, safety and networking regulations very seriously (see statement) and cannot condone use outside the USA and Canada. We may ship to Canada in the near term if there is sufficient interest.